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Live your desire

The new face of Aubade

The world is changing and so is Aubade. Because femininity is not simple, it is multifaceted. When you look in the mirror, you see a hundred and one faces and bodies staring back. And with them, just as many wishes and desires. Because lines move and codes should no longer be barriers, Aubade invites you to live life to the max and make all your dreams reality.

Aubade has always represented an ode to women, all women. We have always made it our mission to build your confidence, bring you out of your shell and make you look and feel more beautiful. We have followed you every step of the way, in your professional and personal conquests, how you express yourself, the way you lead your life, your ability to move mountains, with your desire to change everything, be bold, innovate, act freely. In your desire to be yourself and express it proudly, simply. Your strength, your boldness, every facet of your femininity inspires us. More than ever, Aubade wants to be the tool you use to seduce, to get what you want. Yes, what YOU want.

This freedom to be yourself, to seduce, to desire is summed up in three words: Live your desire.

So today, we are sending you an invitation: be romantic, delicate, provocative, feline, bold, whoever you want... and be proud of yourself! Seduce with passion or restraint, sincerity or playfulness. When and only if you want. Who and how you want. Our collections help you to know what you want, offering you your daily dose of sexiness. They give you the boost you need to reconnect with your body, help you fall in love with your flaws and, confidently reveal your seductive side.

You will soon discover this boost through new pictures which reflect this mindset. In our signature black and white as usual, you will meet a number of women who are evolving and who embrace their femininity. Their attitudes, bodies and eyes - because yes, Aubade women show their face! - will demonstrate how aware they are that they don’t necessarily have to undress to free their desire. Somewhat contradictory for a lingerie brand you say? Not at all! At Aubade, women make all the decisions. Our new campaign remains faithful to our style and vision: we are right there with you each day, in tune with your life, and this means offering you underwear that embodies excellence, quality, sensuality, freedom to move and therefore comfort.

It’s time to live your desires... Welcome to the new world of Aubade.