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The new erogenous zones

Your sensuality, my sensuality... Aubade shares its intimate secrets through ultra-sensual lingerie.

Underlining curves, playing with the body's shapes… that's what sensuality is all about, according to Aubade. It is also a way to express one's desires, to experience them and to explore them. This season, new paths are opening up – invitations to follow every line, every curve, guided by ribbons of lace and sets of clasps where you least expect them to be.

With the bodysuits in this year’s Spring-Summer collection, the back is transformed into a sexy map. The Hot Tension bodysuits, a reinterpretation of our iconic Boîte à Désirs (Gift of Desire), feature numerous nods to the world of bondage. The Nuit Sauvage bodysuits are made up of hyper graphic diamond-shapes and are just as seductive. Extremely low-cut, they reveal the hip dips and the side arch of the bust. As for the Flowermania line bodysuit, it emphasizes the back with an inverted lace “V”, and a removable lace collar.

The triangle bralettes follow the same path: the ties of the Hypnolove model feature a palm motif emphasizing the shoulder blades, while the Flowermania ones dress the line of the back with a wide lace band.

You just have to follow the path.